Attorney Marketing Intensive Review

Attorney Marketing Intensive Review, Attorney Marketing Intensive

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Attorney Marketing Intensive Review – Attorney Marketing Intensive Review Is A Big Ticket And The Mother Load For Local Offline Marketers. Marketing That Gets Results Is The Key.

Traditional Offline Methods Are Not Working. This New Method Uses Traditional Marketing With A Twist That Works. The Process Is Laid Out Step By Step.

It proves how valuable leads are to these professionals. The LTV (lifetime value) of a client is incredibly high, so even at $900, it can be profitable for attorneys to purchase leads this way.

Now, what do you think it would be worth to an Attorney to have someone (you?) supply them leads for a fraction of what they typically pay?

Can we agree, thats a powerful sales argument?!

Here’s the Good News:

Through months of testing and tweaking and re-testing I’ve built a better lead system…better than anything I’ve seen before or ever used before.

It’s a system that allows anyone to provide lawyers with good leads…and get paid handsomely to do it.

The law offices are eager to pay us since we save them so much money. They’re so eager, they will pay more than most industries for good leads. How are we so successful? Because we dont just bring them Leads

It’s an amazing strategy (which few are doing) It’s the easiest marketing I’ve ever done for a professional clientele.

AND, It’s the ONLY strategy I will ever use for the rest of my career when working with attorneys. It actually builds momentum and once you build the simple foundation, its impact and results just keep getting better.

This is the Social Strategy that was practically MADE FOR LAWYERS and thats why I recommend it you.

I get excited talking about it, but I need to correct myself…Technically it’s NOT a social media strategy. This is actually…

A Branding Strategy That Uses Social Media”

* This strategy is NOT susceptible to algorithm updates
* This strategy is NOT at the mercy of SEO
* This strategy does not solely rely on Facebook or FB ads.
* This strategy lets you MOVE your army of fans too
* This strategy works with ANY Social Network
* This strategy builds momentum fast …and produces Great Lawyer Leads!

You get the 68 Page PDF Training Guide and I’m Including my “over the shoulder” videos to show you exactly how we run our business so you can easily do it yourself.

Also included are templates for emails, forms, and everything you need to start making money right out of the gate.

PLUS There’s MORE: I’m including 3 “Done For You” CLIENT GETTING VIDEOS for Lawyers. You will easily sell these videos to clients for $97 to $297.
1) Lawyer Video
2) Accident Lawyer Video
3) Divorce Lawyer Video

Once you finish reading our course you will not only know how to do everything – you will be able to DO everything, too!

We’ve made this course a complete “Business-in-a-box”. Once you get it, you don’t really need anything else but your computer, your ambition, and some time to create an income stream that will pay you month after month, year after year.

This is an easy to understand course, no bloated corporate training will give you what you need to make money.

The real power is in knowing what attorneys want (more clients) and how to take advantage of it.

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