Email Fire 2 Review

Email Fire 2 Review, Email Fire 2 is a premium 5 week email engagement series. It is designed to take cold leads and build rapport, produce engagement and increase click through rates with your list.


This is a 5 week Premium Indoctrination Email Series For the Internet Marketing Niche.

It will build rapport and authority for you and is designed to get your audience ready to buy things that you want to sell them. Watch VIDEO for more info!

5 Weeks of DFY Premium Email Content So That You Can Build MASSIVE Rapport and Authority With Your List ON AUTOPILOT!

Email Fire 2Most successful marketers have indoctrination or re-engagement series’ that they use to produce similar results.

Over the last few years I have used these same strategies to build massive authority and rapport with my audience.

I have produced amazing results using tactics like the indoctrination series to warm up my lists… you are getting the experience of a professional marketer who knows what works, combined with the talent of a great writer who knows how to connect with people.

Someone who already knew what it took to warm up people and build massive rapport and authority…

Someone who already had experience getting people to buy things and has made thousands upon thousands of dollars online with email…

Today inside Email Fire 2 you’re going to be instantly getting a tool that contains:

1. Over 12,000 words and 5 weeks worth of emails
2. Pure value delivered with actionable content thought the entire sequence to build massive authority.
3. Engaging entertainment delivered throughout the series in the form of story to build incredible rapport.
4. Insightful loops build into the sequence to test click through rates and engagement
5. The invaluable insights and strategies scattered throughout the emails themselves which are full of experience and knowledge
6. A workhorse indoctrination sequence that can be used over and over to convert cold leads into warm buyers

Email Fire 2 is a premium five-week email engagement series for the digital marketing niche. Throughout those 5 weeks it tells stories and teaches in the areas of:

WEEK 1 – Building An Email List
WEEK 2 – Email Marketing
WEEK 3 – Content Creation
WEEK 4: Continuity Programs
WEEK 5 – Traffic

The creators have taken the liberty to insert a link out to a valuable resource every Friday of the series, so that you can test click through rates. If you would rather use your own resource to build more authority, make sure to change those links to your own asset and adjust the email accordingly.

By the end of this engagement series your cold traffic should be ready to present offers to. DO not try to offer them paid offers before they finish the series.

If you have already seen it, maybe you’re wondering if this is for you… Here’s why you need to get your hands on this now:

* It’s brand new – THIS email series was written by Kam personally and specifically designed with cold or unresponsive email lists in mind

* If you already have an email list that you are spending money on every month to maintain but it is not bringing you in any money this is most definitely going to help you

* You don’t need to have any experience to make this work… Just plug-in the unique 4 week email sequence into your autoresponder and let the series go to work for you!

* It takes lots of time and experiences to write high value thought provoking emails. This Email Fire 2 series saves you all of that time and will leave you with massive rapport and authority as you build your lists with cold traffic!

Email Fire 2 is an extremely powerful tool that employs stricted strategies that have worked time and time again. What’s new is that now you don’t have to spend years gaining the experience required to put together a series of this premium caliber, Kam did it for you.



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