How I Made $300,000 as a Rookie Consultant Review

How I Made $300,000 as a Rookie Consultant Review – Local Restaurants Are Paying $997/Month For This Unusual ‘Web Notification’ System After A Single Demonstration….



This book contains everything Oscar has learned over the past year selling website notifications to business owners, laid out in a step by step formula that ANYONE can use to duplicate his results, and land $997/month clients over email.

We designed this book to answer the most common question I am asked from struggling consultants and internet marketers: “Why can’t you just show me what I actually need to do to earn money as a consultant?”

There is no guesswork in this book… No time wasting ‘figuring things out’…

EVERYTHING is laid out in plain English for you to follow one step at a time.

This package contains PROVEN copy & paste notification campaigns that will generate customers and sales for your new clients. These wipes will make YOU an authority on marketing with notifications, allowing you to command outrageous fees from the businesses that hire you to increase their sales.

Take a look at just some of the things you will learn inside Oscar’s tell-all guide:

Imagine her surprise when he took her out to a fancy dinner at his new client’s restaurant with the meal completely on the house!

Set up is easy, just install the included WordPress plugin OR install this system on non-WordPress sites in one line of code.

The included walkthrough video will take you step-by-step on how to install this system on any site in 15 minutes. Use this hand-holding video every time you set up a new client, or give this video to an outsourcer to do the work for you.

The built-in notification scheduler requires just a few hours works at the beginning of the month to set up campaigns for your clients.

This will work with ANY establishment that you already frequent: The cafe where you get your morning coffee, the deli you go to for lunch, the restaurant you frequent for dinner, the dry cleaner you pick up your clothes, the bar you go to after work…

Just imagine walking into any of these places like you do any normal day of the week, except today you use my ‘NLP stealth sales question’ to start a friendly conversation about your business and walk out with a check.

Send notifications to every mobile device on the market as well as desktop computers through their browser… Apple iPhone and iPads, Google Android phones and tablets, Windows phones and tablets, Amazon Fire devices, and even desktop computers using Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

Instantly establish trust and confidence with business owners by mentioning that these big names are using the same system you do.

Clients feel like your fee is a bargain every month when they see the real-time analytics built into this notification platform.

Built-in A/B split testing to ensure you are always using the best converting notices for your clients.





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