Passive Consulting Profits Review

Passive Consulting Profits Review – This is the only done-for-you system that lands $2,500 website deals with new businesses using a cheap online direct mail service.

Passive Consulting Profits Review



With this system you are getting everything you need to turn $80 in postcards into $2,500 consulting deals:

ALL of the new business ‘government’ lead sources…

ALL of the postcard designs and sales copy in a done-for-you, copy-paste format…

The names of every outsourcer Jessica uses to service her clients.

Take a look at what’s inside the Passive Consulting Profits System:

First, you are getting Jessica’s tell-all guide that walks you through her entire process of selling not only websites but every monthly service that a new business wants. Inside you will learn:

The little known local government websites that provide a daily list of new businesses – Quickly search through over a dozen different sources of new business leads that are complete with the owner’s direct contact information.

You’ll have thousands of free, exclusive leads downloaded to your desktop minutes after you read through the guide.

How to legally claim 20+ years’ experience from day 1 – By outsourcing all the work to the designers in this guide, YOU can use their portfolios in your advertising. This builds instant credibility and trust with your clients.

The sweet spot pricing for any service you want to sell – It took years of testing to know what to charge new businesses that provided the most profit AND left the business owner happy that he got a great deal.

How to earn passive income by offering free websites to new businesses – By offering a free website to new business owners, you open the door to sell them other monthly services like SEO, Reputation Management, Web hosting, Mobile apps.

All of which can be outsourced for a fraction of the fees you charge.

How to have new business leads sent to your inbox daily – Skip searching for leads and have them sent to your inbox with a cheap service that saves time, and makes you the first person to contact the new business owner with a proposal.

Why becoming a ‘niche specialist’ will have business owners turning down other offers to pay you more money for the same service – It costs nothing to target specific local niches, yet you can command HIGHER fees, and enjoy a higher response as a result.

The ‘rejection proof’ sales scripts that close every inbound phone call generated by these postcards – This Rolodex of sales lines and rebuttals will make you, or any outsourcer you give them too, smooth as silk on the phone.

End every call with the client thanking you for the pleasure of buying from you.

How to skip client phone calls and close deals over email – These postcards can be adapted to have business owners email you their order.

Use the included email scripts to take prospects from the first reply all the way to thanking them for their first payment.

This ’email conversation in a box’ is full of responses to the most common objections and is designed to close deals no matter what a prospect throws at you.

The online service that makes sending postcards as easy as sending an email – If you can copy and paste some text, you can start sending postcards to new businesses in minutes for as little as $0.40 with this new online service.

How to lock clients into annual contracts that will keep you paid every single month – Learn how to use PayPal to automatically collect payments from your clients every month and lock them into an industry standard annual contract.

EARN Passive income, paid on the first of every month BEFORE you do any work

NEVER have to handle a check or credit card directly

NEVER have to chase down clients for YOUR pay

Earn $5,000/month or more from every new client by offering the 5 ‘core services’ every new business needs – Once these postcards get your foot in the door, YOU will have established yourself as the go-to consultant for EVERYTHING the business owner needs.

Clients would see an advertisement for some new service, bring it to Jessica, and Jessica would find a provider and mark up the fee.

Learn which services to offer, how much to charge, and where to get the work done for you at a fraction of the fees you collect.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this work outside the U.S.?

A: YES! As long as you can open a PayPal account you can earn money as a consultant… no matter where you live. All the details are provided in the course.

Q: Can I do this all from my computer? (Or do I need to go door-to-door to sign up businesses?)

A: YES! You can do it all from your computer. Remember, business owners are busy, too, so they’re happy to avoid a face-to-face meeting and get signed up over the phone or email via PayPal.

Q: Is there any upsell or OTO?

A: Everything you need to get started as a consultant for local businesses is included in this program. NO Additional purchase is needed to make money! After purchasing you will have the option of buying extra sales materials to help you grow your business, yet these are only needed if you want to grow your business beyond 6-figures.

Q: Are there any other costs involved?

A: The Passive Consulting Profits system uses postcards to sell new business owners websites.

Q: How much money can I make?

A: There is no guarantee you will make any money when trying to sell services to business owners, in fact, most new consultants don’t make any money at all because they take a little action and give up quickly.

Q: How do I get paid?

A: This program will teach you how to invoice business owners through PayPal and bill them every month. Once set up, you never have to worry about collecting money from your clients, everything is handled securely and automatically by PayPal.

Q: How fast can I get paid?

A: How fast you can get paid depends on how much action you take. First-time consultants have been getting paid in as little as 36 hours from starting when they follow the instructions.



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