Ultimate Book-Promotion Tool

Ultimate Book-Promotion Tool – All the most effective ways to promote your book wrapped up in one simple tool. Over 175 FREE book-promotion resources.



And the top PAID book-promotion resources. Including the best BookBub alternatives, free press-release sites, social sharing sites, and more.

Get Your Book in the Spotlight in 24 Hours

Use My Powerful Secret Weapon

Desperate authors contact me…

They’ve tried everything

Their book won’t budge

The sales are weak

The book is still invisible

But how about throwing everything at your book all at once?

Have you thrown the kitchen sink at your book??

Now you can!

I throw every possible book-promotion resource at a book…

All at once

Yes, all at the same time

For one massive boost

It never fails

And I use FREE resources

Using my strategy costs you nothing

I have never offered this tool before

I will never offer it again

This tool is unique

Absolutely nobody has this

But you will have it

And I have it

Some books are stubborn

They need a little extra boost

This, my friends, is that Extra Boost!

My strategy builds a ‘net’

That net catches book buyers

Sends them to your book

Month after month

But more important is the initial boost

A surge of attention for your book

A wave of traffic and buyers

Forcing your book into the spotlight

Giving it that nudge it really needs

To take flight and be successful

This tool is absolutely unique

It works every single time

You can use it again and again

On multiple books

It is extremely powerful

In fact, this is the most effective no-cost book promotion tool in existence

And that I can definitely guarantee

I also give you:

Best BookBub Alternatives

Best Press-Release Services

Best Social-Sharing Sites

I want this to be your secret weapon

The first thing you grab to promote your book

Grab this tool

And don’t lose it!

You can use it again and again

For multiple books



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