WordPress RSS Xtreme Review

WordPress RSS Xtreme Review – This Is Easily Build An Automated RSS Syndication System In Minutes For Better SEO & Faster Indexing With This Unique, Never Seen Before Combination Of Strategies.

WordPress RSS Xtreme Review




WordPress RSS Xtreme Review

Powerful WordPress Plugin To Build Out To Gain A Fast & Easy SEO Advantage…

Major Ranking Factor Built In! Increasing The Number Of Referring Domains From Authority Sites In 60 Seconds Or Less

* Create RSS Feeds From Individual Posts, Categories and/or Your Full Site Feed
* Mash-Up All Or Some Of Your Feeds Into One URL
* Follow The Step By Step ONE Minute The Wizard To Syndicate You RSS Feed Via Google Properties
* Syndicate Your RSS Feed Via Pinging, 301 Redirects & RSS Directory Sites PLUS Additional Indexing Options

Take Advantage of 4 Google Properties In Less Than a Minute!

​Google Stacking is Hugely Popular Today But Here Is A Simple, Unique & Highly Effective Way To Use Google Properties, Guaranteeing Fast Indexing & Massive SEO Power Stacking

* Submit Your Sites Mashed RSS Feeds To Feedburner
* Submit Your Feedburner URL Containing All Individual Feeds To Google Drive
* Submit Your WP Sitemap To Google Site Submitter (Updated After Every Post)
* Submit Your Site, Post and Feedburner RSS Feed URLs To Google Plus

Additional SEO Power Stacking Via Increased Referring Domain Links

This Unique But Extremely Powerful System Incorporates The Number 1 Ranking Factor Today Which Is The Number Of Unique Referring Domains

* Authority 301 Redirects From Short URL Sites
* RSS Pinging & Directory Site Syndication
* Conversion & Marketing Elements Built InTo Your Site
* 3 Additional 3rd Party Indexing Services To Choose From For Even More Power

Add Relevancy & Authority By Adding Influencer Feeds With Your Own

Piggybacking on influencers is a great way to get Google to pass more authority on to your own content

* Piggyback On Influencers
* Align Your Own Content With Authority Sites
* Align Your Own Content With Authority YouTube Channels
* Force Google To Notice Your Content & Brand Faster

Build Authority, Create Automated Backlinks And More With This Powerful GAME CHANGING WP SEO Software…



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